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Kaoru watanbe (渡辺かおる) models for "Egg" magazine. Egg magazine features many gyaru girls.

^ ganguro transformation!
About "Gyaru":

~Gyaru (ギャル) is japanese for "gal". Originating from the 1980's (similarly to the origins of Harajuku style)- teens felt supressed by the strict conformities of Japanese soceity. The result? Girls began rebelling by dying their hair, dressing in Western trends, wearing excessive make up, and getting fake tans (the style is called gal but there are also many guys that follow this trend (~"Men's Egg magazine").
Also similar to Harajuku- Gyaru consists of many sub-categories: from Yamanba, Kogal, to Himegyaru. Gyaru fashion is centered in Shibuya and Ikebukuro district (a commercial and entertainment district) of Tokyo.

~Gyaru-kei (ギャル系) is a clash of bright neon colors and patterns mixed with punk fashion, this style was first shown in Egg magazine and is mostly what is followed now a days out of the gyaru trends. Some gyarus wear extreme fashions while other looks are more subtle. I think gyaru-kei is very cute and is actually the most "wearable" out of the gyaru fashions, so if you're thinking of building a new wadrobe check out Egg magazine for style inspiration ;o

If you are interested in Kaoru's opinion of Gyaru fasihon skip to 3:57:

Now that you have an idea of Gyaru style it is more understandable of Kaoru's "wild" choice of fashion. It's like every issue she changes her hair! But she can pull off anything and I love her style it is very unique and fun. Also, if you're wondering why Kaoru has not been in many Egg magazines lately, it's because she had a baby!

^ from her blog...


Scans from Egg magazine:


Anonymous said...

shes so beautiful!

kitty said...

so hot gyaru is so aawesome!
i read a comment that manba ppl look like melted crayons though kinda true, but its definitely a part of japan that makes jp street fashion so different and amazing.

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whose the girl in the last scan?

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