Mademoiselle Yulia is a popular DJ and fashion icon of Japan and now world wide. She embraces strange fashion brands such as marvinyquetzal as worn by lady gaga.

And if you look at the pictures, lady gaga and mademoiselle yulia are both wearing the same print by marvinyquetzal! Mademoiselle Yulia is oftenly reffered to as the lady Gaga of Japan. Well, she also sports amazing hair styles and edgy fashions- so of course! Besides being a fashion icon and a DJ, she sings and has her own Egyptian styled jewerly line- Giza. Mademoiselle Yulia is definitely one to watch, she has collaborated with superstars such as M.I.A, Katy Perry and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

Links: M.Y myspace | M.Y Blog | CNNGO Tokyo's hot list | tumblr (from M.Y fans) | 


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